Do you have a problem with man boobs?

 Having man boobs can be quite embarrassing and demoralizing so if you do have man boobs, or know someone who does, here is the breakthrough program that's has helped hundreds of guys lose their man boobs:

The Chest Coach

This is not my program, but it’s very good for helping guys get rid of man boobs. The program is called the chest coach system and it’s made by Cliff Manchaster who has had years of experience with this problem.
What he found was a bit extraordinary… normal diet and exercise programs just don’t work in getting rid of man boobs. He tried for years taking everyone’s “advise” and made no progress.

It’s not until he actually started researching what was the root cause of man boobs that he actually started to make breakthroughs that helped him trim down and get rid of man boobs for good.

It’s all in his Chest Coach System, and if you have man boobs, you’ll benefit from his years of research and testing. Cliff is actually discounting his sytem for today only so it's the perfect time to get started:

If you have man boobs, Cliff’s program is the best thing I’ve seen that will help you help you lose them.

I want to first clear up some misconceptions with man boobs, so that you can start eliminating them. With proper knowledge, you will quickly reach your goals and you’ll be going to the beach, the pools and everywhere else you used to try and avoid.  

Here is a small excerpt from a leaked chapter of Cliff Manchaster’s Chest Coach System – The quickest way to naturally get rid of man boobs:

Not too long ago if you had asked me what caused man boobs, I would have told you it was just your high body fat percentage, nothing more… Actually I wrote exactly that in the first release of the Chest Coach System. There are actually 2 causes, the second is probably as important as having a high body fat percentage, but I had taken care if it unconsciously without really knowing how.

Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

  Man boobs or the gynecomastia condition are caused primarily because:  

1. High body fat percentage  

2. A hormone imbalance in your body


Some people tend to store fat in places where others don’t normally. Most men store fat in their belly area and most people with “man boobs” tend to store it equally as much in their chest area because of this hormone imbalance. There are a variety of reasons for this hormone imbalance, the main ones being excess fat and being overly acidic.  

How it was described to me was that when you’re overweight or over acidic, it can lead to more aromatase action than usual which leads to hormone imbalances such as excess estrogens.

A factor that can also contribute to this condition is that after puberty, an adult may still retain some of that fat in their chest. This usually needs some development using the techniques that I’ll be teaching in the following sections.  


The Quickest Way To Elminitate Man Boobs Naturally

 Here’s an excerpt from Chest Coach System – The quickest way to naturally eliminate man boobs. The methods Cliff shows focuses on exercises that can also stimulate testosterone production (I’ve cut out where Cliff explains it). It’s not the iron squeeze or the diamond hands technique because Cliff wouldn’t let me release that section to the public, but here are some exercises that will help eliminate man boobs:

This section is specifically for guys working out at home. I do recommend getting a gym membership to accelerate your results. Nevertheless, this chapter will come in handy if you’re just starting out, or if you can’t get to a gym. Having these tools at your fingertips means that you can get in a training session where ever you are.

There are really 2 categories of exercise - Cardio and resistance training. Whatever size you are, I recommend you do both, not just to lose your man boobs, but for your overall health as well. Resistance training should be done 2 to 3 times a week with at least 1 day break in between training days. Eg. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The first thing I recommend is using your chest coach journal to record each training session, no matter how you go in it. This is important to see how your increases in intensity are affecting your progress.

Method 1:

Jumping Jacks:

Stand upright with feet together and hands by your side. Raise your hands to your side and up above your head, as you move your feet out to the side. Then bring your feet back and hands back.

Method 2:

You need to find a clear wall to do this. It may sound easy but it’s actually pretty demanding. Push your back on the wall as you’re in a position you would be in if you were sitting in a chair. Hold for 30+ seconds and this is counted as one set.

Here is another excerpt from Cliff’s best selling Chest Coach System – The quickest way to naturally eliminate man boobs.

This may be arguably the most crucial section, because fat loss is the root of this. All the other exercises and routines are focused on building the chest in a specific manner.  

Now, I’m not going to talk about tracking your calories or anything tedious like that, because that will just drain your energy. People have been more effective if they automatically know what to do throughout the day. It’s this natural and consistent behavior that will help you get rid of your man boobs forever.

The major part of alkalizing your body is your diet. We have made the biggest breakthroughs in losing your man boobs just in this section alone. In earlier editions of the Chest Coach System, I covered dieting pretty well, discussing exactly what I did to lose my man boobs and I talked about the vegetarian diet I committed to. I had alkalized my body without really knowing!  

You see, it’s not just about watching what you eat and losing fat. These alkalizing methods are one of the keys to actually regulating hormone levels and melting off fat in the places you want.

In the course you will find a food chart that you can print out and put it on your fridge or somewhere you can refer to it every day!

Here’s a message directly from Cliff. It’s actually an excerpt from his personal message at the end of his Chest Coach System :

The outlined techniques have been the most effective, natural method to eliminate man boobs from your life without the use of surgery. I hope you benefit well from these techniques as I and hundreds of members have.  

The results of this program are usually permanent and there have been no reported cases where man boobs have come back.  

Do email me your story when you get success in the long term. I love to know how my readers fare with these discovered techniques.  

You see, if you want to get rid of your man boobs, this is the quickest, cheapest and most natural method out there, all backed up by years of improvement with members.

Cliff offers his Iron Clad no questions asked guarantee because he knows his methods work. If you think this system is not right for you then just ask for a refund within 8 weeks of purchase.